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No Hydro Launches New Website

No Hydro Launches New Website

No Hydro Launches New Website The No Hydro website has been completely redesigned to include a greater variety of products, application guidelines, frequently asked questions,

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No Hydro Tanking Slurry - No Hydro
No Hydro Product Benefits

Effective Cementitious Tanking Slurry

No Hydro cementitious tanking Slurry is a waterproofing system which creates a monolithic bond using crystalline chemicals when applied to concrete and masonry structures. When

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High Specification Salt Inhibitor - No Hydro Salt Inhibitor
No Hydro Product Benefits

High Specification Salt Inhibitor

No Hydro Salt Inhibitor is a high specification plaster additive recommended following the installation of a remedial DPC. Even though a DPC is effective, hygroscopic

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What Is Rising Damp - No Hydro Damp Proof Cream DPC
No Hydro Product Benefits

What Is Rising Damp?

Rising damp is when groundwater rises up load-bearing walls in capillary action through the fine capillaries and pores of brick and mortar in a wick

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