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Don’t let moisture ruin the look and feel of your home! Keep mould, mouldy odours, paint damage, and structural issues away with our high quality damp proofing products. Our products guarantee to protect your property from any moisture-induced problems while also preserving a healthy environment for you and your family.

If you’re seeking a reliable, long-term solution to shield your masonry or an efficient method of waterproofing walls and foundations. We have the ideal damp proofing choice for all of your needs. With our Masonry Water Seal, you can rest assured that your surfaces are safeguarded from any and all weather conditions. Additionally, our Liquid Damp Proofing Membrane is ideal for a variety of substrates to protect from ground water. For rapid and precise damp proofing injection completion, the Damp Proofing Injection Pump and DPC Injection Plugs are the ideal solution.Looking to protect your property from water damage? Tanking Slurry is a waterproof coating that safeguards both above and below ground structures. Salt Inhibitor prevents the formation of salt deposits, which can cause unsightly damp patches and efflorescence. If you’re searching for a dependable solution to erosion and damp, there is simply no better option than Masonry Protection Cream. Not only is its performance unparalleled, but it’s also proven to be remarkably effective! If you’re looking for an effective and rapid remedy to your rising damp issues, the Damp Proofing Cream is definitely your top pick.

Our products are designed to provide long-lasting protection for your property and peace of mind that damp proofing issues won’t arise again. Incredibly easy to apply, our solutions accommodate both professional contractors as well as DIYers alike – no matter who you are or what project you’re tackling we’ve got the perfect solution for all your damp proofing needs!

Investing in the highest-grade damp proofing products will ensure that your home remains safe and secure for many years. To safeguard against nasty moisture damage, take a look at our range of guaranteed-quality solutions – they guarantee superior protection.