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No Hydro has revolutionised the way I approach dampproofing. Their products have consistently exceeded my expectations, and their attentive customer service is second to none. They’ve earned a loyal customer in me.
Leo Anderson.
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Breathable and Colourless Water-Repellent For Masonry

Colourless and Breathable Water Repellent For Masonry Surfaces

Colourless and Breathable Water Repellent For Masonry Surfaces We’re excited to introduce our newest product: No Hydro Masonry Protection Cream. This colourless, breathable, water-repellent treatment is perfect for brick, concrete, stone and other masonry walls. No Hydro’s breathable and colourless water-repellent for masonry most obvious application is in the treatment of rain penetration (penetrating damp). The product […]

Can No Hydro Masonry Protection Cream be applied to damp walls

Can No Hydro Masonry Protection Cream be applied to damp walls?

No Hydro Masonry Protection Cream should be applied on dry walls to allow for maximum penetration. After a period of heavy rain, at least 24 hours should pass before applying our masonry protection cream longer during cold times.  Allow at least 2 hours after light rain to pass before applying No Hydro Masonry Protection Cream, Also longer […]

No Hydro Tanking Slurry - No Hydro

Effective Cementitious Tanking Slurry

No Hydro cementitious tanking Slurry is a waterproofing system which creates a monolithic bond using crystalline chemicals when applied to concrete and masonry structures. When mixed with clean water and applied correctly, this forms a permanent waterproof coating to the substrate and is easily applied by brush, trowel or spray. We are always happy discuss […]

Effective On Brick, Concrete & Stone - No Hydro Masonry Water Seal

Brick Concrete & Stone Protection with No Hydro Masonry Water Seal

No Hydro Masonry Water Seal is a brick sealer, concrete and stone sealer protecting properties materials from to changes in weather and drops in overnight temperature. As rain water contacts the treated surface materials it turns to water beads and the water beads roll of the surface materials preventing penetration of the treated substrates. This […]

High Specification Salt Inhibitor - No Hydro Salt Inhibitor

High Specification Salt Inhibitor

No Hydro Salt Inhibitor is a high specification plaster additive recommended following the installation of a remedial DPC. Even though a DPC is effective, hygroscopic salts introduced by rising damp may cause moisture to be attracted to the wall. When a new damp-proof course has been installed it will normally be necessary to hack of […]

DPC Injection Plug Caps - No Hydro 12mm DPC Terracotta DPC Plug

The Importance Of Effective Rising Damp Treatment

Naturally, homeowners want the best available solutions for treating rising damp in their homes. The use of a No Hydro Chemical Damp Proof Course in a property prevents moisture from passing, builds up a barrier against ground salts. No Hydro Damp Proofing Cream has been formulated to form an effective rising damp treatment in walls of […]

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